Project: CHIMICAMARINAANAPOLI - Chemistry of Marine Natural Products from the Mediterranean

Call: FP7-PEOPLE-2013-IEF Marie Curie Intra European Fellowship - Support for training and career development of researchers

Researcher: Dr. Christian Zidorn

Scientist in charge: Dr. Margherita Gavagnin

Summary: Natural products are presently still the main source of bioactive compounds used both in the pharmaceutical industry and in traditional health care systems. Moreover, even newly developed pharmaceuticals are still predominantly mostly based on basic carbon skeletons first detected in natural products. In recent years, marine organisms have provided the most interesting new structures of natural products and also some of the most fascinating new bioactivities with potential relevance for human health. An additional interesting aspect of these studies concerns with the ecological relevance of bioactive marine natural products.

In the course of the CHIMICAMARINAAANAPOLI project, natural products from different marine sources have been isolated and their structures have been elucidated. Moreover, analytical systems to identify and quantify these compounds have been established. Finally, studies on the bioactivity and ecological relevance of these compounds have been performed.

Project: From natural compounds to nanostructured systems: application and products for health

A training project funded by the European Social Fund and aimed at promoting the occupation of graduates in the R&D and the creation of spin off companies arising from research. The project includes 300 hours of training on scientific and economic issues for eight fellows to whom is also given the opportunity to work on the research activities of ICB  (learning on the job). Special attention will be devoted to research topics that can find a valid application in regional manufacturing.

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Book abstract: Dai composti naturali ai sistemi nanostrutturati: applicazioni e prodotti per la salute